Your Ab Workout Don’t Work

Your Ab Workout Don’t Work

Abs could be done in the kitchen, but that only tells half the story of why so many people do endless abdominal exercises and still don’t see the desired results.

Just because you focus your time and effort on a specific part of the body – no more planks and crunches, anyone?- does not mean that your body reacts the way you want. While genetics still plays a role in how you look, your biggest problem isn’t your DNA; it’s the exercises you choose and how you activate your muscles as you perform them.

Unlike other exercises where it can be difficult to know if you are doing an exercise correctly, it is easy to “feel” the most basic movements. And that makes it easy to think that what you’re doing is working.

But what you don’t realize is that the way you do the exercises you choose — no matter how much you burn — makes a great difference in the results you see.

Consider these rules effective after training. Follow them to ensure that the exercises you perform prevent health-issue such as back pain and make the most of your body.

Core Rule #1: Create tension in Your Abs

When people think about tightening their abdominals, it is usually only the right of the abdomen, also known as the 6-pack muscle that runs down the front of their body. This is great if you are preparing to be punctured in the intestine, but it usually involves some degree of bending of the spine (remember to round the back) and a decrease in the involvement of the other supporting muscles of the spine.

To develop the strongest core, you need to use all your muscles, not just those that you think about when you look at yourself in the mirror.

How to Build Ab Tension

The following are the following: sit well and tall, wherever you are, and place your hands on the lower back, one hand on each side of the spine and flat for the muscles next to it.

Bend your abdominal muscles and see how you feel under your hands.

If you haven’t felt anything, you’re probably just going to bend your spine and not engage everything around your spine. Try bending again, but this time try to fit all the muscles around your waist. It was where you wanted to live:

  • Feel your ribs pull towards your center.
  • Slightly force Your shoulders back.
  • Feel the contraction under your hands in the lower back, while feeling incredibly strong and powerful.


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