The Secret of Change

The Secret of Change

Working in magazines taught me a lot. I have learned to work, to develop an idea of history and to exchange information in such a way that people can act. I also learned a lot about human psychology based on how we respond to certain words and expressions. In particular, it has always been fascinating to see how people responded to different front lines and headlines.

One of the most common (and popular) headlines in health magazines is ” Get Fit.”It’s popular because it works. When these words appear on the front page of a magazine, other copies are purchased.

It seems that these words are well translated, because at some point we all try to find back what we desperately had, thought or wished for.

Getting back in shape depends on many steps. But often, when you end up insisting on a lot of unnecessary details, you complicate a simple solution [for example, check out my new blog “The Myth of Training Nutrition”] and you lose the war before the action even starts.

I’m not talking about a New age spirituality. It is a basic mindset that is priceless for highlighting what is really important. Your success with any program will depend on whether you focus on what you gain from your efforts to improve your health or whether you focus on what you lose.

Are you worried about how to eat noodles less nights a week, or are you focused on how to get back in shape to improve your overall health, teach you to control more elements of your life, and finally eat more noodles regularly for the rest of your life?

Do you complain about exercise or are you glad that the work you are doing now will help you live longer, earn more money, improve your appearance and prevent health-issue?

This is a rethink. That’s the difference. So we really get back in shape. They focus on the good and keep silent about short-term difficulties or struggles that are part of the process.

If you just insist on what you are going to lose, you will have a weaker life in every way. Commit to change and become a winner. If necessary, think about every day. And the process becomes easier. The reward is getting bigger and bigger. And your plan will lead to success.

This is only the first step. But this is the most important thing, that you get back into shape on your way.


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