Some Rules For Building Bigger Arms

Some Rules For Building Bigger Arms

These are the first lines of an article I edited at Men’s Health a few years ago. In retrospect, it’s funny because not much has changed.

Guys always feel like their arms are too small. Women, on the other hand, tend to have smaller but “long and thin” arms.”In fact, I answer the question “How to get superior arms” all the time. And no matter what information is transmitted, the biceps and triceps always receive more attention than you probably need.

If it seems that your arms are not growing, no matter what, I can assure you that it is not. Small arms are not foreign to me. Somewhere a picture of a picture floats when I was 18 years old and moving around. The picture was, well, pathetic. The pipe cleaners had bigger biceps than me. Eventually I learned a few things, put them well and became bigger biceps.

3 Rules for Building Bigger Arms

Two USDA Prime Ox tiles hanging from their shoulder sleeves can become a reality for anyone. You just have to be smart. In that sense, here are my “RULES” to build bigger arms.

Follow them and I can’t guarantee you’ll have to hire a tailor to let your shirt sleeves out, but that gives you the confidence to approach an arm specialization program (and hopefully that girl in the members office).

Rule 1: You Have To Specialize

The first year of training for everyone should be devoted to learning movement patterns and developing a basic level of strength. But once you pass these first steps, if you want to achieve a certain goal, you need to be very attentive to your training. That goes for pushing larger arms, pulling a 500-weight deadlift, or entering the stage in a speedo and a deep tan. Be a GENERALIST and you will get bad results. Spend your hours in the gym and work on one main goal, but this will give results much faster than you think. Therefore, if you want to whistle freaky-deaky, do not be afraid to refuse the Olympic ski lifts and improve your mileage for a while, focusing on the task.

Rule 2: Volume Is The Name Of The Game

You should feel ridiculous when you spend your workout with tons of repetitions of every known loop VARIATION of man. You should feel even more ridiculous if your arms are so sore the next day that you can’t wash your face properly in the shower. But guess what? That’s what it takes.

In order for hypertrophy (mass accumulation) to occur effectively, you need to keep your volume (work) high enough, as this causes most muscle damage and, ultimately, growth. Plus, if you are in superior shape, you will find tons of girls who want to shower with you and you can wash your face. Problem solved.

Rule 3: Don’t Forget About Time Under Tension

Time under tension is just a quirky way of telling how long your muscles move a load during a given set. As far as I know, most sets are simply too short to achieve maximum muscle building effects.

The sweet spot seems to be in the middle of 30 and 50 seconds per set and there are two ways to reach that mark.

The first is to set a timer, for example, for 40 seconds and turn it off until the alarm goes off. The second is to dictate the tempo of each repetition (for example, lower the bar for 4 seconds, raise it for 1). This way you know that each repetition takes 5 seconds.

Knock out 8 reps and you are right in this sweet spot of 40 seconds (5 seconds x 8 reps = 40 seconds). If you have never trained at the pace in this way, be warned. It’s much harder than just pumping repetitions, so you have to keep your ego in check and lighten the loads you would normally use.

Are there more secrets to getting bigger arms? Yes. However, trying to integrate too many strategies at once can slow your progress.


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