Some of the Top Home Gym Equipment

Some of the Top Home Gym Equipment

What’s your go-to home gym equipment?

I’ve seen some pretty crazy gyms in my life. Arnold has enough machines to make you believe that he really is the Terminator. CC Sabathia has a fitness centre and a full basketball lawful. (And yes, he uses them. The guy is just a big boy.). And Mark Wahlberg has a gym that could compete, well, just about any place you want to lift. I’d pay rent just to camp.

As great as it is to build your own bodybuilding Mecca, you really don’t need much. A hard house requires little equipment, the help of modern technology and a little creativity.

While any equipment can be used to achieve a goal, I like to build my home gym thinking about how each equipment plays a role in my method of building a whole body.

The Goal: Relative body strength

Let’s call the BS and what it really is: body weight exercises.

Some of the best moves are done simply with your body weight. You don’t need anything for exercises like squats and lunges, but an adjustable pull-up bar can work wonders for pull-ups, inverted rows and push-up ladders.

You can also consider: a suspension trainer or Valslides

Whether it’s a jungle gym, trx sneakers for suspension or the original green disc, one of these equipment allows you to add a high level of difficulty to almost any bodyweight exercise. And do not refuse the technology of slides. Ben Bruno, an M&F consultant, finished my legs to the point where I was crawling after a combination of Valslide lunges.

The Goal: Packing on Muscle

It would be great if you could have a whole range of dumbbells up to the 150s. (Yes, you heard me. I said 150s.) but unless you have a Wahlberg like budget (and biceps), this probably won’t happen.

Adjustable dumbbells save space, money and help you create resistance so they can be pulled without ever leaving your home. Don’t you believe me? I have a client who packs 12 weight of muscle in 3 months of work at home with dumbbells that have reached 70 weight.

You can also take into account: an adjustable bench

As floor presses and standing exercises get older, one of your best investments is an adjustable bench. This allows you to perform all your favorite upper and lower body exercises in the areas of falling, flying and tilting.

Extra Space (and a bigger budget): Power rack, Olympic bar, and Plates

Go big or go home. Enough said. You have this AND you can never see the inside of a large fitness box again.

The Goal: Conditioning and Fat Loss

Buy them: Kettlebells (two of them, preferably 16kg and 36kg to start)

The Kettlebell movement has been a little over the top in recent years, but it’s a solid device that will challenge your body a lot more than your dumbbells. From standing to swings to exercises and pressures, pack your workout with metabolic movements that remove fat from your body without ever needing a treadmill.

You can also consider: skipping rope

Things never go out of style. If it worked for Rocky, it will work for you

More space (and a bigger budget): the Prowler

Fat loss has never been so good. But remember, if you do not have a lot of space, it is more conducive to your outdoor gym, such as sidewalk or garden.


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